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Player 1 and GENESIS Booster Cards of HAUNTED.LAND are Exclusive and Special Limited Utility NFT Card Collections for starting and playing the game.

While being an art piece, it also consists of plenty different traits like 270 different backgrounds, 154 different heads, 160 different hair styles, 65 different shirts, 81 different robes and many different pants and accessories. However, the unique aspect of Player 1 cards occurs when it comes to their utility.

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Player 1 Card behaves like your avatar and specifies Attack, Defence and other in-game capabilities of the Player. The arms with him a Weapon, Helmet, and Shield; gives him or her a Moon Conversion Creature and specifies the Spirit Animal attached to him; and also specifies his “cult” with a book and gives him a title from 38 Ranks (Titles). Some cards also have “Crow Masks” and have extra symbols to empower the Player.

A Player’s “Statistics” (Power, Strength, Attack, Health and all other ability and performance related tp value and chances) depend on his or her cards and the objects on them.

For example — There are 38 different Titles / Ranks for Player 1 to be chosen when minting. It directly affect Player´s Health and Focus. Higher Ranks have higher Health Value to start with and lower ranks have a lower Focus Value:


Titles / Ranks range from Apprentice (1) to Legend (36), Demigod (37) and God (38).

If a player more has than one card, for instance, 3 Cards and each has a rank from 7 to 31, the highest Rank of the cards would be applied to the Player in the game to specify his rank.

Likewise, the best features of each card would be applied to boost related specifications of the Player.

This rule is valid for all features of the Player 1 cards, like helmets, books (cults), Weapons / Swords or any other traits.


Up to 7 Player 1 Cards may be applied into a Player in the game in the same time.

Additionally, up to 3 Booster “GENESIS” Cards may be used (7 + 3) to empower the Player even more:

One of the most important aspects of Player 1 Cards is their Spirit Animal.

Each Spirit Animal has its own special features and comes with its own rarity like all other traits of Player 1:


While Spirit Animals give different abilities and upgrades on mostly attack related aspects, there are also Moon Conversion Creatures, which bring special powers to that Player at certain times, like on a full moon and ay midnight:

There are 101 different Moon Conversion Creatures and all comes with different rarity and specialties:


Each Player has a Cult, represented by a book.

There are Cults, from Book of Adam to Secret Books of The Hellm, and each comes with their own “Multiplier” for boosting related features of the Player:


As well as 12 Books, there are also 12 Crow Masks, each with their own Multipliers for bringing more power and strength to the Player:


Not every Player 1 card has a Crow´s Mask (only 15% of them have one ) and only 20% of them have a Symbol on them:


On the other hand, every card features one of 71 Helmets:


and one of 33 different shields:


To visit HAUNTED.LAND, you’ll need at least one Player 1 Card . But as a collector, you’re welcome to purchase as many of Player 1 cards (and GENESIS cards) as you like.

However, there are limits on how many you can carry in your wallet which would be used for the game and how many you can mint at any one time.

  • There will only be 10 000, unique Player 1 Card NFTs available — Also GENESIS Cards will also be limited to 10 000 Pieces
  • Max per Wallet for each set- 15
  • Max per Mint for each set- 5
  • Max Usable in the Game in the Same Time (Player 1): 7
  • Max Usable in the Game in the Same Time (GENESIS): 3

More Information about GENESIS Cards can be found here.


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