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3 min readApr 30, 2022


Roadmap & HAUNTED Token (HAUNT) Tokenomics — May 2022

Simplified ROADMAP

Q2 2022

Launch & Reach

MINTING Player 1 Cards for Pioneers of The LAND — For a very specific small “the first” group of people it would be possible to mint a few of the first cards.

Q4 2022

MINTING Player 1 Cards — Public

GENESIS Cards´ Availability & Minting — Boost + Rewards Cards (They will be available only for “Pioneers of The LAND” first)

The Game Alpha

Player 1 Card owners only; first world (Wakefield) playable; start of Alpha Season 1

Start of Alpha Season 2

The Game Beta Stage 1

Player 1 Card owners only; second world playable; start of Beta Season 1

Buying / Selling Land Within HAUNTED.LAND

In the Beta stage, Player 1 Card Owners will have exclusive and early access to many features, like the privilege of having the first opportunity to buy and own lands within HAUNTED.LAND from the marketplace.

The Game Beta Stage 2 and 3

Player 1 Card owners only; all worlds playable; start of Beta Season 2 and 3

GENESIS Cards Minting Open

Player 1 Card owners will be able to mint GENESIS Cards

The Game Beta Stage 4

Player 1 Card owners only; all worlds playable; start of Beta Season 4 with the first PvE, P2E Tournament and Siege Battles

The Game Beta Stage 5 — HAUNTED Token (HAUNT) Season

Distribution of HAUNTED Tokens (HAUNT) to GENESIS Card Owners, per their shares

The Game Beta Stage 6— Pre-Release Full Version

The Game — Launch

Launching the Game with the majority of the features but also further Enabling In-Game Reward and other specifications, like earning passive income through staking reward. This option would be available even when the Player 1 Card Owners who are not actively playing the game.

Full Season 1

Opening Marketplace and opening the game to the world.


Establishing DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) of HAUNTED LAND and giving privileges and rights by Players and the real owners of The LAND, voting on future decisions and offers on HAUNTED LAND


FOUNDERS EDITION (Player 1 Card Owners Only) Special HAUNTED LAND Debit Card for payments and cashback rewards .


HAUNTED LAND Token (HAUNT) — The LAND’s native utility token.

Fixed supply of 100 000 000 HAUNT.


· 15% — Exchanges

· 15% — (10%+5% will be reserved and distributed to GENESIS Card holders)

· 10% — Staking & Card Rewards

· 40% — To be sold in Pre-Sale

· 10% — In Game / Ecosystem

· 8% — DAO

· 2% — Team