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A Metaverse like no other

Featuring Survival Play to Earn (P2E), Experience-to-Earn (E2E) and Player versus Environment (PvE) elements combined with Tournaments, Siege Battles, Turn-based & Dungeon-style /Open World Combat.

NFT Game, Gaming Platform and Marketplace. Presented in Photorealistic Graphics, Supports VR / AR technologies alongside Unreal Engine, enhanced with MMORPG Characteristics

Start your journey in Wakefield

A voyage through Pine Barrens: an enchanted, dark forest

Travercraig: a Wild West style region with dark, horror elements

Dungannon: a gothic, Medieval-style zone

Hellm: a deep, dark, ancient world

Wetland: a neon, Cyberpunk-style retro-futuristic territory

Explore and investigate the connected worlds, earn rewards, defeat monsters, join clans, challenge other players and yourself while enjoying the vast worlds connected through portals on HAUNTED LAND — “The Land” and The Metaverse Like No Other.

Experience and enjoy all districts through the use of HAUNTED Token (HAUNT) Player 1 and GENESIS “Booster” NFT Cards: Make your weapons and items more powerful, complete quests, initiate or participate battles, upgrade your player and make your NFTs more valuable.

You can begin your journey on HAUNTED.LAND with an exclusive Player 1 NFT Card. Every Player 1 Card is unique and with different, random objects that vary in rarity. Those objects specifies your Player´s features:

Every Player 1 card is unique and comes on it with different, random objects by their rarity. Those objects specify your Player´s in-game characteristics.

So, your Player 1 Card is not only a limited-edition piece of art but also a master key to specify your Player´s attributes:

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Not only have you got a weapon (17 different types), a helmet (71 different types) and a shield (33 different types) but on “The LAND” you have also a Spirit Animal (66 different types) bonded to you, a Moon Conversion Creature (101 different types) that your Player transforms into when there’s a full moon to help you in battles throughout the world.

You can mint your Player 1 Card(s)on www.haunted.land

More information on each object and about Player 1 Card trait’s can be found in Player 1´s own Medium Article here:

You start the game and unlock each part of HAUNTED.LAND with at least one Player 1 Card (multiple Player 1 cards can be used to empower the Player with their best attributes) but also there are GENESIS “Booster” Cards:

Another exclusive NFT Collection from HAUNTED.LAND to empower your Player and give him more chances on the battlefield.

Just like your Player 1 Cards, you can also combine your GENESIS cards like an army under your command to empower yourself. More information on GENESIS Series can be found in the Player 1 Cards Article


  • HAUNTED.LAND is a Metaverse with its native token HAUNT, consists of Five Different Worlds that Players can visit with their NFT Cards, as well as battle, earn rewards, establish clans, fight together, and join tournaments.
  • It uses many advanced aspects together like VR / AR technologies and has MMORPG Elements.
  • You need at least one Player 1 NFT Card to play and to be on the HAUNTED.LAND
  • Each Player 1 Card is Unique and comes with many different traits, objects on it by rarity (The number of Player 1 Cards is strictly limited to 10 000)
  • Your Player 1 Card specifies your power, defence ability and other features of your Player on “The LAND”
  • Having more than one Player 1 Card has its own advantages as each Card’s best and most powerful traits will be applied to the Player
  • There will also be a booster (Upgrade) Card Series (limited to 10,000 Pieces) named GENESIS that empower the Player in the game, soon. More about GENESIS Cards can be read here.

Website: www.haunted.land

Player 1´s Medium Article

GENESIS Cards Medium Article

Roadmap & HAUNTED Token (HAUNT) Tokenomics

Twitter: https://twitter.com/haunted_land

Telegram: https://t.me/haunted_land_official

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hauntedland/