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An Exclusive Booster (Upgrade) and Special Reward Card Series for HAUNTED LAND

Booster / Reward Cards of HAUNTED LAND

GENESIS Series, a 10 000 Piece Limited Edition Utility NFT Collection for the Game will be available after Player 1 Cards to give the Player more HAUNT Tokens from the Rewards Pool and support and compliment Player in different ways:

Each GENESIS Card will be rewarded with some L´ile ($ISLAND) TOKEN in the same time GENESIS Cards will unlock new abilities in the game like:

  • Exclusive rights on the MARKETPLACE.
  • Buying / Selling Rights of Land Parts of HAUNTED LAND
  • Opportunities, like many extra Rewards
  • Passive income chances via staking options.

They will have their own “Power” and “Rarity” —

These two attributes boosting the specialties of the character in the game , plus, each GENESIS card will also get an extra Rewards from the “Airdrop” Pool of HAUNTED Token (HAUNT).

Many GENESIS Cards will be Rare, Super Rare and Ultra Rare..

Legendary Cards will be even more Powerful;

Every GENESIS card comes also with a “Level” from 1 to 100:

Each level will be an extra share from the “Levels Pool”

All levels and their shares along with some other information can be seen here:


There will be also a “TREASURE” Class for each GENESIS Card:

These will be from 101 classes, assigned entirely randomly in minting.

These classes will bring more rarity, value, and use for the cards with the first steps of the Metaverse.

Rarity and Power, Total and Unique Shares along with “Piece Information” can be seen in the image below:


3 GENESIS Cards can be used in the game in the same time.

More information on them will be available when all Player 1 Cards have been minted.


Player 1 Cards of HAUNTED LAND

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